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Zero Minus Ten

“Zero Minus Ten” is a James Bond novel written by Raymond Benson. The novel is a typical James-Bond story and I expected it to be one. Fancy gadgets from Q? Check. Talk to M? Check. Gorgeous women? Check. Trip round the world? Check.  And so on, but the novel is interesting. A good book when you’re bored.

One thing that was interesting was the description of the author of the novel:

Raymond Benson is the author of the ‘The James Bond Bedside Companion’, which was shortlisted for an Edgar Allen Poe Award for best biographical/critical work and is considered by 007 fans to be the definitive book in the world of James Bond.
Mr Benson is also the designer and writer of several award-winning interactive software products and spent over a decade in New York directing stage productions and composing music. He has taught film theory classes at the New School for Social Research in New York and interactive screenwriting at Columbia College in Chicago.
‘Zero Minus Ten’, his first novel, was quickly followed by ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’.

What a versatile guy!