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I am now a Yahoo! guy!!! The final round of interviews took place yesterday. They asked lot of techie stuff and some very interesting questions. I had 4 interviews one after the other and then Jayanthi (the nice lady from HR) immediately came and told me "You’re through. When can  you start?" I was dazed for a moment but then I recovered. So, here I am today making my first blog entry from the Yahoo office. I am right now working as an intern for a 4-month project.

What could be better? Well, Yashwanth is here as well. We’ve had so much fun together in our projects and college, and I am looking forward to more cool things at Yahoo with him. I had a neat dialogue for him as well – "We worked in our first ‘company’ LinCDs.com together and now we are working in Yahoo company together as well!"