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Yahoo! Notepad as Wiki ?

I’m a big fan of Yahoo! Notepad, so here’s an idea to improve it  :-)

I always like to write down stuff because it helps me to be a bit more organized and helps me make sure that I don’t forget something. So, I end up using Notepad.yahoo.com heavily. I usually add/delete lot of notes regularly – the reason is I try to keep consolidating the notes from more to less number of notes. One day, I got frustrated, and I setup my own private wiki in a hidden part of my website and I was using it well ; but I ended up accessing my mail, calendar and address in Y! but using a separate wiki instead of notepad. So, here’s where my idea/feature request comes in… why not make Notepad wiki-like!

My suggestions:

Use an extremely simple syntax like Markdown. Ability to link to
 other notes of mine makes it so useful!

Give a choice of having to print either the raw format or the converted
 HTML format. Both choices are useful depending on the situation.

This gives more incentive to use Notepad. I would definitely expect more
 people to use Notepad if such a neat feature was provided.

Brings in lot of geek cred!

The basic idea, however, is to bring more structure to my notes, without significant overhead.