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Will the real IIPM please stand up?

Gaurav Sabnis has got a legal threat from IIPM for blogging negatively about the IIPM institute. Details at DesiPundit.

I really wonder about the credibility of this institute. How can they teach management to students when they themselves don’t know how to manage criticism?

Similarly, Mediaah was shut down 7 months ago, because of a threat by the Times of India.

This is truly sad. These organizations would rather silence the people who are giving constructive criticisms rather than respond in a constructive manner.

Anyway, I’ve finally convinced my Dad to switch from Times of India to Deccan Herald. Hopefully, I’ll be soon reading real news rather than just captions accompanying photos of celebrities.

Update : According to Technorati, IIPM is right now the most popular searched phrase. Looks like IIPM is getting a lot of backlash from the Indian blogosphere and subsequently, the bigger blogospheres.

Update 2 : Patrix is working furiously to keep everyone updated on this issue.