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Wikipedia to get Googlified?

I got to know from the grapevine that Google has offered hosting for Wikimedia projects. See the discussion page for user views and add your own thoughts if you like.

In case, you already didn’t know, Wikipedia is a free excellent community-driven encyclopedia. It isn’t surprising that Wikipedia has replaced most of my searches. I recently wanted to know more about the saxophone, so I directly entered http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saxophone in my browser and read all about it. No search, no fuss. Maybe that’s why Google got interested in it…

As somebody pointed out in the discussion page:

Google undoubtly sees itself as the main – if not sole – dealer of information, in the forthcoming age of information trafficing. If this is the case (and only those who have seen the actual offer can say that), I’d say wikimedia should resist the offer.

Its great that Google has offerred hosting to Wikipedia and I don’t think I have a reason to be have any negative thoughts about it, but in a world of takeovers, I just hope they don’t have any other plans about it. This is a sincere wish of a Wikipedia user and contributor.

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