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Widget for Webaroo Gupshup

seems to be the rage these days, so I was looking at Indian
alternatives to Twitter, and I found Webaroo
Gupshup (later I realized that I had already
received an invite but hadn’t paid attention to it).

Gupshup seems to hit the sweet spot in the Indian context because its
all about sms and mobile phones and
combines it with the web. For example, you can start your own group
and update your microblog via sms, and it’ll be automatically
forwarded (as sms) to all those who subscribe to your channel. The
posts are also available on a webpage. The added viral/social features
are the ability to conduct your own polls or quizzes and even ratings.

I signed up for Gupshup and created my own microblog located at

This got me thinking how people actually promote their microblog, and
it turns out that one of the important things is a widget on their
blog that points to the microblog, especially the Twitter badge.

So, I was looking for a widget for Gupshup as well but couldn’t find
one. Why not write one myself?

It seemed pretty easy to create it using Flex because Gupshup now has
RSS feeds. And just a hour and
half of tinkering got me to create this:

I’ve put up the source MXML
file for those
interested. The tough work is handled by the <mx:HTTPService>
tag which fetches the feed and outputs an XML which is easy to handle
thanks to
E4X. The
rest is just housekeeping code.

Note that you’ll need your own proxy php
script because of the
security restrictions of the Flash player.

Somewhat relatedly, I got an invite to Popfly,
thanks to Sriram, which helps anybody
to create exactly these kind of widgets.

It turned out to be even easier to achieve it using Popfly:

  1. Create a mashup
  2. Click RSS block to add it to the main area
  3. Edit to add the address of the RSS feed of your choice
  4. Click News Reader block to add it to the main area
  5. Connect the RSS block to the News Reader block
  6. Click Save

You’re done. Here’s what you get:

Note that you might need Microsoft
Silverlight installed to view this.

The upside is that it is ridiculously easy to create your own such
mashups/widgets. The downside is that it is not easy to achieve the
look and feel that you specifically want, it tends to all look the
same (like the omnipresent Kubrick theme for WordPress). For example,
on my computer, the Popfly widget appears with scrollbars, and I can’t
figure out how to get rid of the scrollbars.

About microblogging itself, I am not sure how long I’ll be into it,
I’m just trying it out to see what’s all the fuss about.