What is NDTV’s online strategy?

I wonder if all of these are actually part of some game plan:

  • ndtv.com
  • ndtvtravels.com
  • ndtvgadgets.com
  • ndtvshopping.com
  • ndtvlumiere.com
  • ndtvmovies.com
  • ndtvmusic.com
  • ndtvgoodtimes.com
  • ndtvcooks.com
  • ndtvprofit.com
  • ndtvimagine.com
  • doctorndtv.com
  • cricketndtv.com
  • etc.

It looks to me like they’re trying to mimic Network18’s

  • ibnlive.com
  • tech20.com
  • storeguru.com
  • buzz18.com
  • cricketnext.com
  • indiwo.com
  • moneycontrol.com
  • jobstreet.com
  • commoditiescontrol.com
  • yatra.com
  • bookmyshow.com
  • compareindia.com
  • etc.

The reason why I say that is because Network18 seems to be putting in
effort to make each vertical the best-of-breed in the respective
categories. For example, MoneyControl, Yatra, BookMyShow, Tech2.0 are

But many of NDTV’s counterparts don’t seem to have any value-add.
That’s the impression I get when comparing, say, ndtvgadgets.com and

It’s interesting how these offline media businesses are venturing
online and how they’re faring.

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Jamie Larson