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Girish Kadkol and Sampad Swain say: “Aspiring techies and college students recommend to follow @swaroopch , his blogs are good and knowledgeable.”

Atul Chitnis says: “What’s awesome is @swaroopch’s blog posts, and how they MAKE me & others think.”

Snehal Pal says: “His blog is an amazing assortment of advice and contains stories of life as a techie, startups and hacks.”

Sreehari says: “Awesome awesome blog of @swaroopch ! Must read!! No wonder it remains one among the top 10 #blogs in india! :-)

Prashish Rajbhandari says:“Reading @swaroopch ‘s blog. Very informative and inspirational. Thanks. :)”

Sitakanta says: “The blog of @swaroopch is responsible for me leaving job to do this mad thing called a startup. So beware :)”

Vinay H R says:“The more I read @swaroopch blogs, the more inspiration I get from it.”

Krishna Bharadwaj says: “I consider Paul Graham and Joel Spolsky as some of the greatest technical writers. Swaroop C H writes some amazing articles as well!”

Avinash Kundaliya says:“Yeah! seriously man.. awesome blog..”

Chaitanya Nettem says: “I love your blog. I just love it.”

A R Karthick says:“Your blog posts show great clarity of thought.”

Abhinav Upadhyay says: “Your blog posts inspired me quite a lot during my early days at college :-)”

Chirag Gupta says:“I’ve been reading your blog for so long (since 2004 I think) that I find it funny when people discover it now :)”

Chirag Gupta says: “I think I started following his blog like 7 years back. Those days, I didn’t even use RSS much :)”

H N Prashanth says: “you got yourself hardcore followers of your blog, we are watching every move! ;-)”

Prateek Narang says: “I like your writing….it makes me think.”

Laurentiu Alexe says: “I’ve discovered your blog after downloading the Python book. Very nice book and amazing blog. Thanks!”

Aditya Bhushan says: “your views and answers (will) help a lot of people.”


Editor’s Picks


A Byte of Python

This is a book on programming using the Python language. It serves as a tutorial or guide to the Python language for a beginner audience. If all you know about computers is how to save text files, then this is the book for you.

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Syed Talal (19 years old) says: “The best thing I found was A Byte of Python, which is simply a brilliant book for a beginner. It’s well written, the concepts are well explained with self evident examples.”

@suren says: Byte of Vim and Python by @swaroopch is by far the best works in technical writing to me. Excellent reads #FeelGoodFactor

@Stripeh says: I found the tutorial by to be quite awesome, got through it in no time, very practically minded.

A Byte of Vim

A Byte of Vim is a guide to help you to learn to learn about Vim, the text editor of choice for many programmers. This guide is aimed at both beginners who do not know anything about vi or vim and wish to learn how to become more productive in their writing, and intermediate users who wish to pick up advanced Vim tricks.

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@ven_cse (Venkatesh) says “Started liking #vim, thanks to “A Byte of Vim”

@Pradeek says “@swaroopch ‘s Byte of Vim is an excellent resource for Vim beginners like me. #awesomework”