Website reloaded!

So, I finally upload the new version of my website. It has taken a long time and I’ve stopped blogging quite some time ago as well. Now, my website and blog are "coming back to life"!

I had originally planned to use WordPress, I had even hacked it up and got the perfect look for me. But alas, I realised it is very good as a blogging tool but it is not meant to be a CMS. I ended up editing php scripts by hand and making changes to the code which was what I wanted to avoid in the first place. So, I finally got back to my original choice – Drupal – after making many customizations, here it is! It is not perfect and still some changes need to be done, but I didn’t want to delay things further.

Also, the nice pic on the top of the page is a snap taken during the Mullainagiri trek which me and my Pesit gang went to. But that’s another story… :-)

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Jamie Larson