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VTU == V Torture U

I just wrote the only paper in our last semester of B.E. – Cryptography and Network Security (CNS for short). It was a tough paper! The questions focused on small things such as Hill Cipher for 20 marks! And the others were questions where we were clueless. It’s not fair. We chose a tough subject like this one because we wanted to ‘learn’ something and not study Management In Engineering (MIE) where questions like ‘Explain the difference between CV and resume’ fetches 10 marks! And that too, they get an easy paper!

I guess, VTU is not the place where you want to ‘learn’. It’s the place where you learn things by rote, write long answers with proper underlining and get ‘good marks’. It’s not the first time I’ve felt this way.

Juniors, one piece of advice, choose the path of least effort when choosing VTU electives. I’ve been bitten by wanting to ‘learn’ and by experience, my advice is to learn on your own. For example, since we are relatively free during 8th semester, I was able to do some productive work like my my book on Python.

At the end of the day yesterday, I joked (but unfortunately not smiling) that CNS stands for ‘Continue Next Semester’.

Thank god for my friends who helped me get out of my dejected mood.