Useful Websites for India

Like a broken record, I keep coming back to What are the killer web
applications for
India? So,
I decided to make a list.

A list of websites that are useful for most people in India. But what
kind of websites am I looking at? The website should be something
useful enough to compel a person without internet access to go to
a cybercafe just to access this website.

Here’s what I have so far:

Note: The definition of usefulness here is in terms of the concept.
However, these websites are not verified in any sense. There’s no
guarantee that they are good or even trustworthy, but I would encourage
you to check out their services if they are useful. That’s the whole

I’ll keep updating this list as and when I find more such websites.

Update: Added BookMyShow,, MapMyIndia.

Update on 2008 May 15 : Added Handiman

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Jamie Larson