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Tsunami Relief Efforts

The Tsunami Relief efforts taken up by so many agencies and volunteers are heartening.

On our part, Y! Bangalore employees have come together and organized a plan to help out… donations were collected from ourselves and I was happy to note we collected quite a good amount in such a short span – and also all Yahoos have donated a day’s salary to the fund. Lots of medicines, food, clothes, blankets and other things have been bought and they will be taken in a truck to Nagapattinam district in Tamil Nadu. Six Yahoos will also be going and they will personally distribute these to the people who need it the most directly along with the help of the Red Cross and other agencies. I hope all the yahoos will be safe and are successful in the plans.

I personally wanted to join them as well but because of my coughing and headache, I would’ve been more of a hindrance than help, so I decided not to volunteer for it. Also, I decided I won’t be celebrating the New Year tonight by going to a party.. instead, I gave the amount I would’ve spent, for the relief efforts. This is my small contribution to helping our fellow people.

Also, I came across the Wikipedia page on the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake – it has amazingly comprehensive coverage of what’s going on and what relief efforts are being taken up.

More information on how you can help is at: