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The Need to Fight

Long ago, a wise friend I used to know once told me that humans have
many kinds of needs – physiological, emotional, etc. Along with these,
there is also the need to fight.

I’ve been thinking over and over on how true this is. Or whether it is
just baloney.

The need to fight. And I’m not talking physically. There is something
that you’re always fighting against – whether your focus is challenges
at work, or road rage, or even fighting with your loved ones.

A basic human need is to fight. That’s why we have wars and battles
all the time. Especially in the mind. I know many people who coded
best when they were
Maybe our genes and body are built for action, for the rush of the

Pillow Fight 2008

Maybe that’s why the milestones in a startup feels more “earned” than
when working in a big company where the same situations are so

Maybe that’s why you get things done only when you have a deadline.

Maybe that’s why people do sports, trekking, adventures, long distance
biking, etc.

Maybe that’s why people with rags-to-riches stories are more happier
than kids of rich people.

Maybe that’s why people feel fired up after a debate or a race,
irrespective of whether they win or lose.

Because you’re trying to fight the odds.

And if people don’t have the fight in them, or don’t fight for
anything, that’s when they seem so boring, so bored and so lifeless.

Maybe that was part of the message in the Fight

Fight On!

P.S. Has there been any organized pillow
fights in India?