The Job Spool

Today, I got a job offer in my inbox from … err, let’s just say a well known company. They say some quite interesting things like "We have received your profile through one of our employees and find that it matches some of the openings we have with us. These openings are in our Imaging & Printing Group Development Center" and then they say that the job profile has to do with printer drivers for Windows and hardware design! How the heck did my profile match that?

Anyway, I still can’t make out whether this is just spam or it is for real ; although, there is a telephone number, address and all that.

However, I’m not looking for a change. The job profile would have to be something really mindblowing for me to even consider a change from Yahoo!. If any recruiter is reading this, please see what Ted Leung says to recruiters, the same 4 points apply to me. Thank you.

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Jamie Larson