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The age of Folksonomy

Ever since del.icio.us and Flickr have become popular, Thomas Vander Vaal invented the term ‘Folksonomy’ and ever since, the concept has taken off. There’s even a paper presentation about it.

So, when Technorati came up with tags, should we be surprised? However, the possibility is amazing. Suppose I wanted to read about the latest in the blogosphere about WordPress, then I just go through all the related blog entries under the tag ‘WordPress’ – this is really cool since you get to read a part description even before you go clicking on to read the actual posts. This is like the latest news about anything. Period. No wonder, there are talks about blogging being the new form of journalism!

Speaking of WordPress, there’s already a plugin for Technorati tags.

Totally unrelated but yet cool is this mini-posts plugin – damn, that’s yet another reason to upgrade to WordPress 1.5! (I know, I know, its still in beta…)

Update : David Sifry writes a detailed post on Technorati tags.