60-40 rule

less than 1 minute read

From Lessons on Leading by Jessica Steel : Leaders recognize that we should feel 60% mastery and 40% stretch in our jobs at any given time. We draw our confi...

Review of Cal Newports So Good book

9 minute read

Last weekend, I read Cal Newport’s latest book So Good They Can’t Ignore You and I’m very happy that I read it - this book will be very helpful for people wh...

Working out of Goa

5 minute read

How I was working out of Goa, seeing the sights and coding as well, the ordeal of Internet connectivity, as well as the Bangalore Traffic Police!

Passionate Programmer book review

9 minute read

The Passionate Programmer book by Chad Fowler is a must-read career book for every software developer. In this article, I show why.

Joining InfiBeam

7 minute read

Update: As of 22 June, 2011, I’m no longer with Infibeam.

Refocus on the Basics

4 minute read

Most of what I learned about programming was during my first year at Yahoo!. I wrote so much Perl code and dove into naive attempts at distributed computing,...

How Fresh Graduates Can Grow

7 minute read

As a small experiment, I had put up a skribit sidebar where anybody can suggest what I can write about. Little did I know that it would actually be used seri...

Thought for the Day

less than 1 minute read

Look at the design of a lot of consumer products—they’re really complicated surfaces. We tried make something much more holistic and simple. When you first s...

Career Advice

less than 1 minute read

There have been many times where I've been asked for "career advice", especially after a talk. I usually suggest them to 'build a repertoire of things you ha...

Last day at Adobe

3 minute read

As Jeff Atwood said recently in his entry on Choosing Your Own Adventure:

Announcing Flex Builder on Linux

2 minute read

Now presenting the alpha of the Flex Builder IDE on Linux! (this was announced at the Adobe MAX 2007 conference). You can now create Flex projects, write cod...

Evolution of Adobe Flex - now open source

1 minute read

That's right, the Flex SDK is going to be licensed under the Mozilla Public License - this means the compiler, debugger, the huge libraries - it's all going ...

Big Brother

7 minute read

Long ago, I had seen Nat Friedman show off a small Mono app that displayed the amount of time you spent on each application, and updated the chart in real ti...

Outlook on Linux - Evolution Exchange

3 minute read

My laptop at work has some network configuration issue (I think) leading to Outlook not finding the server - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But ev...


1 minute read

Yep, Moxie. That's the codename for the next version of Flex. And it was one of the suggestions by yours truly in the internal discussions.

Its all in the mind

8 minute read

(Warning : I just started typing this post because the title popped into my head, so what follows might seem like a lot of rambling.)

But Flex is not open source

13 minute read

My manager and myself were having an informal chat about the various RIA frameworks and platforms out there. To be honest, I wasn't convinced about Flex and ...

Engagement Platform

less than 1 minute read

If you were skeptical about Apollo (, Flash, Flex, ...) like me, then you must watch this video by Todd Hay, Director, Platform Marketing & Developer Rel...


5 minute read

First Day

Last day

2 minute read

Today's my last day at Yahoo!.

Always on software

less than 1 minute read

There are three software that are always open for me at work:

Yahoo Bangalore Hack Day

2 minute read

We had our first "hack day" at work today. The idea is simple - you get one full day (starting from 00:01 hours) to hack on your own original idea and you ha...

Thought for the day

less than 1 minute read

Love what you do. Do what you love. If not, then what's the point?


less than 1 minute read went live today.

Its been a year

3 minute read

On July 1st of 2004 i.e. last year, I turned from an intern to a full-time employee at Yahoo!.


3 minute read

TWiki must be one of the most underestimated tools out there. We use it quite extensively at Yahoo!.

Ajax experts wanted

less than 1 minute read

Yahoo! Bangalore is looking for companies in Bangalore who can do DHTML and Ajax (for contractual work) or even experts who can be hired.

Popular Video Searches

less than 1 minute read

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Popular Video Searches on Yahoo! :

Python Jobs

3 minute read

This is a sort of a deja vu thought but I'm going to write it anyway.

Connect the text

2 minute read

A while ago I was thinking about using a wiki to organize my notes, but I don't know if even that scenario would be useful for quick note taking because of t...

Do you want to Yahoo

2 minute read

I have completed nearly one year and one month as a Yahoo i.e. including my internship. I even have a blog post on that on the day I joined.

Everybodys a salesman

less than 1 minute read

If you believe Paul Graham when he says that hiring is obsolete, then you should read the ten commandments for entrepreneurs by Alan Morgan.

Do you really need the MBA

1 minute read

This one's for all the I'll-do-CompSci-then-MBA-and-become-a-manager-in-a-software-company types.

The Job Spool

2 minute read

Today, I got a job offer in my inbox from ... err, let's just say a well known company. They say some quite interesting things like "We have received yo...

A Blogful of Work

1 minute read

The blogosphere is full of news about Mark Jen getting fired from Google for blogging. Zawodny has the full scoop.

Great movie after a great day

less than 1 minute read

It was a good day for work. I worked non-stop in refactoring my project and cleaning up the code.