Travel - Hiking around Lake Chabot

less than 1 minute read

Last Sunday, we hiked the 10-mile (15-16 km) Lake Chabot Loop with friends. It was amazing fun because of some new people we met, a beautiful lake and trail...

Doing the Flying-Fox at Vihi-Kasara

3 minute read

We drove through the beautiful Maharashtra State Highway 51 towards Vihi-Kasara where we ended up doing the flying fox. Lots of photos!

Yelagiri Hills

2 minute read

A couple of weeks ago, Azmi and I went to Yelagiri Hills (in Tamil Nadu) on a one day road trip.

Tadiyandamol Again

less than 1 minute read

Eleven of us went trekking to Tadiyandamol. We ended up trekking more than 25 km on day 1, literally walking in the clouds, pitching our own tents, and bravi...

Mullainagiri third time lucky as well

2 minute read

This weekend, we climbed Mullainagiri and Bababudanagiri. Even though this is my third visit, it never fails to delight me on its beauty. Mullainagiri and Ta...

Trekking in Kodachadri

5 minute read

This weekend, one of my long-pending wishes came true: I finally trekked Kodachadri.

Sharavathy Valley Day 2

3 minute read

I thought I would get a damn good sleep in the night because I was so tired. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. Not with the snorers around. On top of th...

Sharavathy Valley Day 1

5 minute read

For a while now, I was annoyed by the fact that it has been more than a year and a half since my last trek. So when I saw a call for people who want to join ...


5 minute read

A couple of weekends ago, most of the trekware gang met up for a weekend trek. This time we headed to Brahmagiri.


3 minute read

It seemed the long run on Saturday was not enough, so we took off early on Sunday morning as well, but this time in a car instead of on foot. We headed towar...

Mullainagiri and Bababudangiri

7 minute read

In the first weekend of this month, my trekking gang and myself went to Mullainagiri and Bababudangiri for trekking. We've never experienced a "monsoon trek"...


1 minute read

Some weeks ago, 8 of us yahoos went to Tadiyandamol for trekking.

Kumara Parvatha

5 minute read

Last weekend, my trekking gang and myself went to Kumara Parvatha - the place I had heard so much about - "the toughest trek in Karnataka", "the 2nd highest ...

Rama Devara Betta

1 minute read

Rama Devara Betta (literally, Lord Rama's Hill) is located just behind the Siddaganga mutt on Tumkur Road, and is about 60+ km from Bangalore. A couple of fr...

The Dalhousie Trip

38 minute read

I'm writing this a few days after coming back to Bangalore, because I had to get over my holiday hangover. It seems unfair to gain so much, make so many new ...

Hebbe Falls Trek

less than 1 minute read

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Getting off the chair

1 minute read

Over 300 close family and friends in your home on one day + followed by Ramanagaram trek on Saturday + Savandurga trek on Sunday => me happy

Trek at Thusharagiri

6 minute read

After Saturday's long Python talk, we returned to the guest house in the evening and I simply crashed on the bed and had a great sleep.