The magic of

4 minute read

Why do I keep going back to Because I'm the kind of person who needs extrinsic motivation. That's why having a good circle of friends with a positiv...

Announcing my free book on Vim

3 minute read

Today is the first day of, and on this occasion, I'm happy to announce the first public release of my Creative-Commons licensed book on the Vim ...

Why students and open source

7 minute read

Two days before the BMS College Information Science Department Fest called "Genesis 2007", I received an email from a couple of students asking me to talk ab... 2006

1 minute read

The past 3 days of have been very interesting. As Gopal said, this conference is in the hallways. I've seen/had a fair share of amazing conversa... day 4

5 minute read

Yesterday was such a long and awesome day. day 3

6 minute read

Today, the keynote address was by Andrew Cowie on Inside|Outside, and it was a brilliant talk. Cowie is a very animated and fun person. The talk was about ho... day 2

5 minute read

Today morning, the first session was a Linux Kernel roadmap by Jonathan Corbet. Although I've never been a kernel-level guy, the talk was interesting and he ...


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Continuing the nostalgia, here are pictures of the shirts that Yashwanth (it was his idea) and myself wore at LB/2003. day 1

3 minute read

Today's the first day of and I actually managed to wake up early.

Its a small utility

5 minute read

When Atul commented about open source being "seen as some kind of 'hobbyist' thing" in India, I was reminded of another incident in college.

Memories of Linux Bangalore 2003

9 minute read

The VTU letter exhorting principals to motivate students to attend is a far cry from my college days, and perhaps even farther from Kalyan's days.

Speaking of

3 minute read

Looks like the first shortlist of talks for was not enough, we now have the first list of special speakers: Jeremy Zawodny, Harald Welte, Brian Behle...


less than 1 minute read

Preparations for this year's FLOSS meet in Bangalore is well under way. The working title is still LB2005 (Linux/Bangalore 2005) but the name will be change...


less than 1 minute read

My friend Gopal V joined Yahoo! today. Welcome to the gang, Gopal! :)

LB2004 Day 3

2 minute read

I woke up late today and so I missed half of Premshree's talk on Ruby... :( ... I want to go through the slides when it will be available on the BLUG site. ...

Talking Python

3 minute read

I tried to get some work done yesterday but after a long day and me being the lazy guy that I am, I just went to sleep after getting back... I woke up today ...

LB2004 Day 1

2 minute read

Day 1 started with the inauguration of Linux Bangalore/2004 . LB doesn't have the concept of chief guests, but the chief guest is the audience and so the rep...