Delhi By Cycle

less than 1 minute read

I had an interesting morning today cycling around Old Delhi guided by Arkash of Delhi by Cycle tour.

Exploratory Cycling

2 minute read

Went cycling into the gullies of Pune, crossed the Mula-mutha River to the Mundhwa Road, under a flyover, jumping across a railway track and into Amanora Par...

My new cycle - Trek 3700

2 minute read

After 5 years of riding my "Hercules Wow" bicycle, I decided to upgrade to a Trek 3700 bicycle.

Duathlon and Murakami

11 minute read

Last weekend, I participated in the BSA Hercules Duathlon organized by RFL.

Cycling To Work at Barcamp Bangalore 7

9 minute read

The weekend before last, BarCamp Bangalore 7 was held. The session that I was most looking forward to was the 'cycling to work' session initiated by Pradeep ...

Pulau Ubin Island

1 minute read

My favorite memories of my Singapore trip is Day 9 (Dec 30 Sun). We went to Pulau Ubin island. What is the only activity on this island? Cycling.


11 minute read

Partly inspired by my gang's craziness, and partly inspired by Shree, I bought a cycle a month ago, and I've been cycling to work on 2-3 days in a week ever ...

Cycling vs biking

less than 1 minute read

I thought my biking trip was radical but check out ShreeKumar who just completed a cycling trip from Chennai to Kolkata - over 2000 km on cycle in 15 days!!!...