Cycling To Work at Barcamp Bangalore 7

9 minute read

The weekend before last, BarCamp Bangalore 7 was held. The session that I was most looking forward to was the 'cycling to work' session initiated by Pradeep ...

Barcamp Bangalore 6 Day 2

4 minute read

Day 2 of Barcamp Bangalore No. 6 (Apr 20 Sun) started off on a pleasant note because I just had to stop and admire the greenery of the IIMB campus.

Barcamp Bangalore 6 Day 1

4 minute read

For the uninitiated, Barcamp is an "unconference" which means its a place where people meet, but all the usual rules of a conference do not apply (hence the ...

Why You Should Run

5 minute read

One fine day, I was running by myself. It was a few weeks before Barcamp Bangalore 5. I got an idea that I should talk about a non-techie topic at Barcamp si...