How attractive is your website

5 minute read

I was trying to analyze the feedback on my website's new design. There seems to be a trend that relates their usage of the website with their feedback.

Cricket on your desktop

1 minute read

I'm not a cricket buff but the IPL had got even me hooked. Well, at least during dinner. But for people who are crazy about cricket and want to follow ball-b...

Last day at Adobe

3 minute read

As Jeff Atwood said recently in his entry on Choosing Your Own Adventure:

Hack Day India

4 minute read

I was at Yahoo! Open Hack Day at Bangalore on Friday and Saturday. 24 hours of hacking, meeting lots of old friends, and sarcasm unlimited. It doesn't get be...

Announcing Flex Builder on Linux

2 minute read

Now presenting the alpha of the Flex Builder IDE on Linux! (this was announced at the Adobe MAX 2007 conference). You can now create Flex projects, write cod...

Widget for Webaroo Gupshup

5 minute read

Microblogging seems to be the rage these days, so I was looking at Indian alternatives to Twitter, and I found Webaroo Gupshup (later I realized that I had a...

Evolution of Adobe Flex - now open source

1 minute read

That's right, the Flex SDK is going to be licensed under the Mozilla Public License - this means the compiler, debugger, the huge libraries - it's all going ...

Big Brother

7 minute read

Long ago, I had seen Nat Friedman show off a small Mono app that displayed the amount of time you spent on each application, and updated the chart in real ti...


1 minute read

Yep, Moxie. That's the codename for the next version of Flex. And it was one of the suggestions by yours truly in the internal discussions.

But Flex is not open source

13 minute read

My manager and myself were having an informal chat about the various RIA frameworks and platforms out there. To be honest, I wasn't convinced about Flex and ...

Whats in a name

2 minute read

$150,000. That's what's in a name. That's how much Microsoft paid for the name "Zune":

Engagement Platform

less than 1 minute read

If you were skeptical about Apollo (, Flash, Flex, ...) like me, then you must watch this video by Todd Hay, Director, Platform Marketing & Developer Rel...


5 minute read

First Day