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Some weeks ago, 8 of us yahoos went to Tadiyandamol for trekking.

Directions to reach Tadiyandamol : Take the bus from Bangalore to Virajpet. Catch a local bus to Kaikamba, which comes before Kakkabe. From there, you can ask the locals for “raja mane” (King’s house) and you can start trekking. To book food at the Palace Estate, you can contact Prakash at 98804 47702.

Old Tower
Pink flower
Red flower
Yellow flower

The scorching heat was a problem, especially for the first-time trekkers, but we pushed them on.

The view from the Tadiyandamol peak made it all worthwhile. It was simply breathtaking. Many of us were silent for a while, just letting our eyes do the savouring. After that, we started chattering again, taking some crazy snaps and even dancing on top of a stone next to the cliff.

The yahoos
Table top
Mountain view
No mountain high enough, eh?
The Yahoos

Wallpaper-quality photos:

Mountain view
Ari Ari
Climbing down
Climbing down

We had lunch at King’s Palace and the food was just great. I liked the bread payasa.

King's Cottage