Sunday == Funday!

Yesterday was such a blast with all my friends! 8 of us travelling on 4 bikes leaving at 4.30 am to travel more than 110 km (one-way, total of 220 km for the day) to go see a mango grove!!

We were woken up by each other through sms’es and calls to our mobile phones. We were going to Vinay’s town ‘Srinivasapura’ to see his mango farm. Biking long distances early in the morning is a total high for me! We were singing and joking and just enjoying the atmosphere. After finally reaching Srinivasapura, we had a scrumptious breakfast prepared by Vinay’s mom and sister. Then, we left for the grove. After some confusion (since Vinay didn’t know which farm was his….just kidding!!), we entered the place and we were just in awe at the grove. So much lush greenery and such huge mangoes!!

After eating some delicious raw mangoes (‘maavinakai’) and mango fruits (‘maavinahannu’), we started playing games. Believe it or not, we actually played hide-and-seek in the farm!! We climbed up the trees and were hiding in them! It was silly but it was so much fun :-)

Then, we just took a walk around the grove and I was amazed to find out that their farm was about 15 acres! I could imagine going for a jog everyday if I lived there! Ha Ha. Then, finally all of us got back to our base, Vinay’s place. After a minor accident and setbacks, we took a walk around Srinivasapura having some delicious never-had-before-dishes such as ‘bread bonda’ and ‘Nannari drink’, we were just full.

Then, finally, we came back home and many in our group wanted to send sms’es but since there was no network, we had to climb to the terrace to get proper network. The taller ones helped out the shorter ones to send the messages by holding it high enough!!

We were all so bushed by the activities throughout the day, that we got some solid sleep. If I hadn’t kept an alarm in the mobile phone, we probably wouldn’t have woken up early enough the next day! We got up at 4.15 and then got ready to leave by 5. We were having so much fun on the road we converted a 2-hour journey into a 3-and-a-half hour journey!

Finally we reached Bangalore (I realized it because of the pollution), I got home, got ready, ate breakfast and came to Yahoo!

Life is back to ‘normal’… ;-)

We all thank Vinay for being such a good host and making sure we had such a great time!

Note: Snaps coming soon to a blog near you….!

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Jamie Larson