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So why not a blog mela

I’m trying to play catch up with the blogosphere.. but it is difficult when I have 221 feeds in Bloglines. Actually, there were more but I’m trying to trim down my folders to a more manageable size.

I got bored of simply reading, so I decided to host my own blog mela :D, so here we go…

Feedster Alerts allows you to get email of new posts of a blog or any new posts related to a search term. If you don’t want RSS feeds, this is the way to go. I remember somebody asking me about this (unfortunately, don’t remember whom), so I hope they see this…

The .NET BCL (Base Class Library) team had a blog day – they just blog the whole day and don’t work :) … turned out to have some interesting results. I liked Play the CLR acronym game! and The .Net Vision posts.

Linux/Java guys visit Microsoft. Too bad the Indian version turned out to be such a fiasco.

Drew has written a good article on XmlHttpRequest.

A hilarious entry about designations in IT offices … for example “Project Manager is a Person who thinks Nine women can deliver a baby in One month” … you know where this is going ;)

code.google.com – ’nuff said.

The latest show of LUGRadio featured Aaron Seigo who talked a good deal about KDE, and that was a great interview, especially considering the LUGRadio guys are gnome-rs ; but the suggestion to rewrite KDE/Gnome in Python was ridiculous…

The extremely popular Nero CD-Writing software is now available on Linux! But the question is are the ISVs going to see any RoI?

Python and OpenGL run on a Nokia Series 60 phone.

Kubuntu preview with the hot-off-the-repository KDE 3.4!

Gotta love this quote : “There are no shortcuts in life, unless you right click and find one” … JD, that’s a brilliant quote.

Vignesh tries to explain that there’s nothing like a platonic friendship that brings back that good feeling in you. I wholeheartedly agree because I have such a friend too.

Rashmi talks about how getting an IIM MBA doesn’t mean you automatically make insane amounts of money.

Anna, the ‘suitablegirl’, goes mobloggin’ and later starts counting.

Amit talks about all the cricket cliches and he’s at cliche number 28.

Dilip asks what’s the big deal about Mittal and says Narayan Murthy’s driver is the real story.

Chugs has had to deal with a lady who says he shouldn’t have linked to her blog, when all he did was mention a list of sites using templates that were designed by him!

Shrutz puts up an  old poem about her ‘Genesis’ class in college.

Umang wants to get back to college life.

Neels is lost in the world of music.

The obligatory link to Sepia Mutiny about how Gujarat Chief Minister Modi was denied visa to USA because of “severe violations of religious freedom” a.k.a. Gujarat riots.

Kruthi puts up some nice pics of her cats.

Ravi blogs about… well, me! ;) and also Kalyan and Pradeep.

Pallavi is chilling in Wild Valley.

Kalyan starts naming the leopards in B R Hills.

I think I better stop for tonight. Hopefully, I haven’t violated any blog mela norms.