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Do you consider yourself a geek who loves to use GNU/Linux? Do you think you are one of the true geeks around who knows how to hack at it ?

Think again.

There’s an article in ‘The Hindu’ about Sharath Lakshman who has developed his own customized distro called ‘SLYNUX’. The amazing part is that he is a 15-year old student in 10th standard at Jawaharlal Nehru Government Higher Secondary School, Mahe, Kerala.


"Another major feature about my OS is that it supports internal modems;
something that other Linux versions normally don’t. It can also access most of the file
types used in the Windows OS. In addition to this, SLYNUX also supports Malayalam
fonts. I have even included an on-screen Malayalam keyboard," Sarath said.
By providing a flash player plug-in, a CD-burner software and a `paint’ programme, Sarath
has also made sure that his OS is pretty strong on the multi-media front.

His official website is slynux.co.nr.