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Today evening, I watched the ‘Sleuth’ drama by ACTor theatre and directed by Pawan Kumar.

The play has an interesting story and takes a lot of turns and twists. It even has a cheeky sense of humour that’s just about right. As Times of India mentions in Page 2 today:

The Broadway-styled play Sleuth made its first appearance on the London stage in 1970 and it was an instant success. Winner of the Tony award in 1971, the play has a twist every 15 minutes.
As the tradition goes, reviewers and the audience are requested not to reveal the plot and never has it been in the written word.

In spite of that, I want to talk about the real story.

The real story is Pawan Kumar, the director. He used to study in the same college as myself and he was involved in a lot of plays in our batch’s theatre group “Center Stage”. He soon left college for the “love of theatre” and went to get involved in theatre full time. It sounds “cool” and all, but honestly how many of us would have taken such a step? It takes real guts and belief to do something like that. After seeing ‘Sleuth’, I am happy that he took that step. It is a brilliant production of a play and I am looking forward to what he comes up with next.

More details about the play itself are at rangashankara.org