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Should it be called a phone?

I lost my mobile phone recently. The funny thing is that I do miss my w800i but not for the phone call functionality, but for:

  • alarm (I didn’t wake up early today because of this)
  • notes-taking utility (for those sudden random thoughts that I don’t want to forget)
  • calendar / reminder (to remind me of meetings and birthdays)
  • camera (for those instant photos in the moment, and I have so many photos like that)
  • music (for listening when stuck in a traffic jam)
  • podcast player (during running)
  • stop watch (to make sure I maintain the 9 min running + 1 min walking rhythm)

I think the w800i was one of the best things I ever bought, but I find it funny that I don’t miss the ‘phone’ feature of it. Hmm. I am thinking of not buying a new mobile phone and see if I can live without it.

Update: How could I forget the stop watch feature…