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Red Park

So finally exams are over! I saw  Varsham yesterday in Pallavi theatre. It was
a streeeeeetched movie. These guys are so talented that they copied two scenes from Matrix and were able to convert it into a 3 hour movie! But some of the songs and jokes were good. Overall? Just time pass, yaar. But the songs are really really good.

On a completely different note, me and my friends decided to go to Lalbagh today for a jog. When we reached the Glass House, a couple of Doordarshan guys came over, stuck a camera in my face (while my friends fled) and asked me about the latest developments regarding Lalbagh. It went something like this:

Interviewer: The flower show will not be held inside the glass house
anymore. What’s your opinion?

Well, it’s a good idea considering that maintenance of the glass house has been so much of a problem.  Lalbagh is so big – they can have the flower show anywhere.

Lalbagh is being handed over to BDA. What’s your opinion?

Jayakar Jerome has been doing such a terrific job. I’m sure Lalbagh will improve now that BDA is taking care of it. I have full confidence in Mr. Jerome.

Now, what’s the channel number of Doordarshan on my TV… hmmm…