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Rama Devara Betta

Rama Devara Betta (literally, Lord Rama’s Hill) is located just behind the Siddaganga mutt on Tumkur Road, and is about 60+ km from Bangalore. A couple of friends and myself went there yesterday to trek. There was a trail that led to the top of the hill but we didn’t take it. We basically “made our own road” and zig-zagged across the hill trying to reach the top.


Apparently, there had been a man-made forest fire recently indicated by black ash everywhere. When we were crossing a forest area on one side of the hill, we had to crawl in many places resulting in blackened clothes which made us look like bandits. And there were thorns everywhere and quite a few have left their impression on me. At one point we had to climb down via a tree, and it required application of skill on how to place your body weight so that you don’t apply too much pressure and break the branches. It sure was fun.

We climbed 90% of the hill but then couldn’t reach the absolute top because of very steep rocks. So, we went around the hill, sat in a cave and ate mosambi and oranges. Then, we climbed down back in the hot sun.


After we reached the bottom, we resumed our spiderman stunts that we had done at the start of the day, then got back in the car and drove back to Bangalore.