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Mysore to Mulki by car

After KTM, the next day (19-Sep-2011) we did a road trip from Mysore to Mulki (SH7 and NH48).

Screen shot 2011-09-20 at 7.11.34 AM

We started the day with a visit to the auspicious Ranganath Swamy Temple at Srirangapattana and headed out via Pandavapura → Krishnarajpet → Channarayapattana → Hassan → Sakleshpur.


We had lunch at Sakleshpur, which is a funny story. We asked a pedestrian for suggestions on where to have lunch, and we found that place and parked the car. It was a “too hifi place” for us and the mrs. wanted to have ragi mudde. So we asked the paanwala on where we can get good raagi mudde and he pointed us to the small students mess in a lane next to the big hotel. We entered the mess and the owner thought we had lost our way and asked “What do you want?” and we said “Uh, lunch?” We had superb lunch with soul-satisfying rasam along with it.

2011-09-19 13.38.05
2011-09-19 12.57.33
2011-09-19 13.04.59

We continued our journey and saw beautiful views before and after Sakleshpura.

2011-09-19 14.08.37
2011-09-19 14.11.33

Twists and turns of Ghats section roads + not-great roads + heavy rains = slow moving car.

2011-09-19 14.13.22

Sakleshpura → Uppinangadi (literally “salt shop” in Kannada)

2011-09-19 14.41.08
2011-09-19 14.42.59

We slipped into fields and waterfalls along the way.

2011-09-19 15.05.42

Finished the long journey via Bantwal → Mangalore bypass → Surathkal → Mulki. I had started driving at 9 in the morning and finished only by 7pm. I was tired. So tired.

We finally reached the Hare Krishna Ashram in Mulki where we are going to stay for the next couple of days. That’s a story for another day.

Obligatory mention: This trip is dedicated to Google Maps, one of man’s greatest inventions.