My Benchmark for Entrepreneurship

Here is a guy who sells dosas and rice items in his push cart every evening.

The Food Cart Guy

I didn’t realize that he was my entrepreneurial benchmark until my friend explained it to me:

  • He has at least 100 customers everyday because he is there for 4-5 hours every evening, and we’ve never seen him without customers.
  • 100 customers * 40 rupees per customer = 4000 rupees per day
  • 4000 rupees per day * 30 days = 1,20,000 rupees per month
  • ⇒ A roadside push cart wallah makes more than a lakh a month!

And he doesn’t intend to go to VCs any time soon ;-)

It’s only when you get into this entrepreneurship thing that you realize how hard it is to make money.

I hope every wannabe will plan to have at least as good as this guy’s cash flow ASAP for their startup.

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Jamie Larson