Yep, Moxie. That’s the codename for the next version of Flex. And it was one of the suggestions by yours truly in the internal discussions.

Why this name? My reasoning was:

flex -> strength -> -> mana, pizzazz, moxie, thew, …

Ely liked the name ‘moxie’ a lot especially because of the way the fingers are evenly distributed across the keyboard when you type ‘moxie’ :), and he championed the name which convinced the Flexers to vote for it.

This led me to say:

Looking at the popularity of ‘moxie’, I now also propose that our slogan be “Flex your moxie” ;-)

In this particular context, moxie can mean appetite, aspiration, craving, desire, love, passion, right stuff, zeal, chutzpah, guts, temerity, energy, robustness, vigor, competence, savvy, skill, gumption, impetus, vitality, endurance, grit, stamina, staying power, ability, mettle, stamina, etc.

(Source: )

Also, Moxie was the name of a language for real-time computer music synthesis — so Moxie is how you express your beautiful tunes on the computer, and Flex is how you express your beautiful UIs on the computer.

[“Moxie: A Language for Computer Music Performance”,
D. Collinge, Proc Intl Computer Music Conf, Computer Music
Assoc 1984, pp.217-220].

(Source :

And Ted says Drink Moxie.

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Jamie Larson