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More bytes of Python!

Due to a post on OSNews.com, there have been a lot more visitors for A Byte of Python! There has been about 4440 page views on Monday (29th March 2004) alone! There was also more than 2000 downloads of the book as well.

The Urchin analysis software on my website says that the majority of my readers are from the USA, UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Australia, France, Italy and Canada.

Here’s a nice comment from Van Hout Teghem, a reader:

"It’s a pleasure to learn Python from this tutorial especially since I don’t have any professional background in programming. I’m eager to find more Python stuff from the same author – something that goes deeper and could emphasize ‘the best practices’."

Thank you Teghem, it’s nice to know that the hard work I put into the book has been worth it and it has helped make a positive difference. This book was always intended to be my (first ;-) contribution to the open source community, especially the Python community and I am happy to note that it has been appreciated and well received by readers.

About ‘more’ Python stuff? I am right now pretty busy with my work at Yahoo and hopefully the Mono project as well, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds!