Mark of respect?

A legend is no more. Dr. Rajkumar was the defining person in the Kannada film industry. I remember his old black and white Kannada movies, especially the ones where he plays the CID investigator… those were such wonderful movies, they had a real story, amazing acting and such pleasant simple songs.

No Kannadiga can ever forget the famous words of “Huttidare Kannadanada Huttabeku” sung by Dr. Rajkumar.

The best thing about Dr. Rajkumar was that he was a simple-minded big-hearted person, always wishing good for the people. I can almost hear him say “devaru vaLLedu maaDali” (Let God take good care of you) in his distinctive and captivating voice.

But that comes to something that bothers me – why do his so-called fans burn jeeps and smash showrooms?

(Background : Yahoo! has shifted my group from M G Road to a space borrowed from Aztec, next to our EGL office, near Ring Road in Domlur.)

Today, I could see the smoke from the Domlur flyover being burnt and the flyover wasn’t even complete yet. Just now, my colleague who’s still working in office tells me that the newly inaugurated sony showroom, next to the Dell office, has been smashed.

Again, how does all this mark your respect for this great person? Rajkumar would never have incited anyone to violence. He would’ve been a sad man if he saw what was going on.

Update : Pradeep says it a lot better than I do.

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Jamie Larson