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Look out for the new RadioVeRVe

Shreyas, Gaurav and the gang have
relaunched RadioVeRVe
and it now rocks even more than before!

Look out for the new RadioVeRVe!

Things they haven’t changed:

  • They play music by independent bands from India. That’s right, these
    are all Indian bands.

Things I liked:

  • The new look feels good and is intuitive. How’d he do that? Hats off
    to Ganesh Rao.
  • Amazing list of channels – from Rock, Metal, Easy to Classical
    (carnatic!) and Konkani
  • We can now play the radio from within the browser.
  • Each song is accompanied with info about the band on the right side,
    the importance of this cannot be understated. We get to know more
    about the band like who’s on the vocals, the drums, the bass, as
    well as the history of the band.

Things that I would like to see or improve:

  • Some of the RadioVeRVe audio ads are not very comfortable to listen
    to…  sorry guys, but the harsh voices in the metal-style ads are a
    little jarring in the midst of listening to songs.
  • A ‘Buy this song’ option so that I can purchase and download the
    song and play it on my iPod eventually – for example, I want to
    listen to “Shadow of the Sun” by Leminsk8 again, but can’t :( .

So, go ahead and listen to the best of Indi Indie