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Linux 2.6 – The Details

So you have heard that the latest and greatest version of the Linux kernel – 2.6 has been released. What’s it all about? Well, 2.6 has been all about the server and making it more scalable and making it more enterprise-level. Linux has broken so many barriers with 2.6 – it can handle upto 64 GB of RAM ! There are goodies for ordinary users as well – the O(1) scheduler and other enhancements have made Linux faster than ever before! Your KDE or GNOME desktop will now be much more responsive.

Read all the details in the article "Linux v2.6 scales the enterprise".

Actually, I lied. The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is 2.6.1 and  2.6.2rc3 has been released. Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton are already looking forward to Linux Kernel 2.7 !