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Last day

Today’s my last day at Yahoo!.

It’s been a great two and a half years. Sadly, it’s time to move on.

I was just recollecting today about how much history I have here and how many things I’m leaving behind. Moving on is not easy, especially when you’re smitten with your first company.

I’m gonna miss a lot of people.
I’m gonna miss the amazing parties we’ve had from TGIFs to the weekends at the MGM Beach Resort and at the Bheemeshwari Jungle Lodges camp.
I’m gonna miss watching cricket being played in the alley between cubicles.
I’m gonna miss cribbing about food on the -blr mailing list.
I’m gonna miss watching an India cricket match in the TV room when practically everyone’s watching and nobody’s working.
I’m gonna miss the pranks.
I’m gonna miss getting to learn about and play with Yahoo! products before the rest of the world does.
I’m gonna miss the -random mailing list where everything is discussed, spiced up with amazingly witty sarcasms.
I’m gonna miss days like the hack day.
I’m gonna miss my team, especially the lunch conversations, the coffee conversations, the cubicle conversations, the meeting conversations, how’d-the-interview-screening-go conversations, algorithm discussion conversations, actual work conversations and oh yeah, conversations in general.
I’m gonna miss the purple sofas and the bean bags.
Most of all, I’m gonna miss being a yahoo.

Listening to : “Leaving Home” by Indian Ocean.