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Kong is King

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you would’ve heard about how the Mozilla community started the SpreadFirefox initiative and about the full-page advertisement in a major daily newspaper in USA as well, and that all the marketing and funds were from the community. This is what is now termed as open source marketing. Well, its not knew to people familiar with open source software, because its about the community that makes open source software successful, code is just one aspect of it.

In true open source marketing style, we have KongIsKing.net where Peter Jackson (the same person who directed the stunningly successful Lord of the Rings trilogy) posts his daily production diary and we have all the inside scoop as well as get to have a ‘feel’ about being part of the movie-making process. The production diary videos are simply great and especially the last one where they have a competition on how many camera ‘setups’ they had done during the shooting period :)