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Italian Bytes of Python

The Italian translation of my book ‘A Byte of Python’ is now available online at

Thanks to Enrico Morelli and Massimo Lucci for volunteering this translation :)

More info about them:

Massimo Lucci and Enrico Morelli, we are working at the University of Florence (Italy) – Chemistry Department. I (Massimo) as service engineer and system administrator for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers; Enrico as service engineer and system administrator for our CED and parallel / clustered systems. We are programming on python since about seven years, we had experience working with Linux platforms since ten years. In Italy we are responsible and administrator for http://www.gentoo.it web site for Gentoo/Linux distrubution and http://www.nmr.it (now under construction) for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance applications and Congress Organization and Managements.
That’s all! We are impressed by the smart language used on your Book and we think this is essential for approaching the Python to new users (we are thinking about hundred of students and researcher working on our labs).