It doesn’t pay to be honest

Manjunath Shanmugham, an IIM Lucknow graduate, was recently murdered in Uttar Pradesh for trying to expose corrupt petrol pump owners.

I am really speechless.

Sharad expresses how I feel right now:

In today’s world, where do you see this kind of courage and bravery – To say no to someone with a gun, because you know you are right? Did he believe that God will help him because he is right ? I am pretty sure he did.
The 27-year old man, who worked hard all his life to get into the best schools, and colleges in the country, got a good degree, doing his job with sincerity , maybe saving other people’s lives by closing down the petrol pump Vs 2 scum-bags with guns . Who should have God chosen to make this world more beautiful , to reward for his hard work and living a good simple noble life? Sometimes nothing makes sense at all.
Manju Nathan – May your soul rest in peace – Your life was exemplary and it gives us all that little bit of hope knowing that people like you do exist.

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Jamie Larson