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My manager went to our Sunnyvale office recently and came back today. I had asked him to get an iPod Mini for me… when he gave it to me in the morning, I was grinning away to glory. I am not much of a gadget guy, but I was craving for an iPod being such a music buff. I forced myself not to open up the package in the morning (otherwise I wouldn’t get any work done). So, when I came back home in the evening, I tore open the package and went total gaga over it.

Packaging of My iPod!
Packaging of My iPod!

First of all, it is so compact, I wonder how Apple managed to squeeze so much into something so small… this is the 4 GB version, so I can store approximately 1000 songs on this baby! Oh, and I can use it as a huge floppy drive as well ;)

Coming to life!

The first song I copied to it and listened was the instrumental version of the title track of Roja. For me, there is simply no other song that is as good as that one…

Listening to Roja
See how really cute it is!

Just compare the sizes of the iPod Mini and my watch in the last snap above… :)

Now, I just have to find enough good songs to fill it….

P.S. The reason I had to get it ‘imported’ was that it costs $200 == 9 grand rupees that way whereas it costs 18 grand rupees in the Apple store in Forum, Koramangala, Bangalore.