ion on a roll

Note: I no longer work with IonLab since Nov 12 of 2009.

First, there was the Mint financial newspaper’s article on
“casualpreneurs” in the July 8th, 2007 edition which featured
ion.  FYI, Mint is a joint collaboration
between the Hindustan Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Then, there was an article in the BTW magazine’s 10th September 2007
edition on “netpreneurs” which featured ion.

And yesterday, there was a huge half-page article on ion in the
Economic Times! (Bangalore

I can’t help but think on how much hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing and
forehead-slapping happens behind the scenes. But to see all the
response from
customers as
well as an article in the Economic Times dedicated exclusively to us
just six months after launch makes it seem all worthwhile.

So, thank you to all our dear customers for making ion so successful!
And some of you actually like it so much that you spread the word
around for us! :)

P.S.  Yeah, we know we don’t look great in that big photo, but hey, our
excuse is that we were too busy working on ion ;)

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Jamie Larson