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An interactive version of A Byte of Python

Roorky is a new startup that has created a new file format and software for interactive books. As part of the default installation of the software, they are bundling A Byte of Python free with the software.

What is interesting is that this may help complete beginners who stumble in getting started with IDLE, etc. The most common email that I get asked is when people run python abc.py on the IDLE interpreter prompt and wonder why it is not working – both the concepts of two command lines as well as the concept of running a program is not grokked well by beginners who are getting started, especially people who are self-taught. From that perspective, this is an interesting approach to the problem.

I am still not convinced about this approach because people cannot bypass the learning of how to edit, compile and run the code in the native environment, because that will be needed when writing new programs. It will be interesting how the two opposing needs will be balanced.

But I hope beginners will try it out and see if it helps them get started.

A full size video of a walkthrough of the software is available at the Roorky website.

Note: Be warned that it is a beta software.