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Indian Music Online

Most music sites will work only on Windows and that too specifically IE – so I was glad to see that MusicIndiaOnline now works on Linux using the RealOne Player. Their FAQ answers about  how to get it to work on Linux.

Btw, I really like this album by Om – The Fusion Band, especially the ‘Maula’ and ‘Mohana’ songs.

Its great that I get to hear these songs for free. Now that I have heard these songs and really like them, I can buy the cassette/CD from the music shop knowing that the money is well-spent. I usually have a good nose errr…. pair of ears for music but off late, I’ve bought a few cassettes which I’m sure I’m never gonna hear again.

Tip: Mepis Linux comes with RealOne installed. So I didn’t have to do anything to get this working. It just worked out of the box. I like this so much that I want to say it again – ‘It just works.’