I want to go gadling too

One of my favorite sites that I follow these days is Gadling.com. Webster dictionary says that ‘gadling’ means ‘a roving vagabond’. Nice.

I recently came across an entry about FromParis.com which contains amazing panoramic photographs of Paris, the City of Lights. It is simply awesome. Whatever you do, don’t miss visiting this site. You can even zoom into any part of the picture to whatever depth you want!

Read more about people in Antarctica, Thai Cooking, the Valley of Death, paddling in boats, coffee at Vatican City, scuba diving with sharks, kayaking, the India fad, rock climbing in Quebec, surfing in Central America, cycling through Costa Rica, skateboarding, and lots lots more. Has all this caught your attention yet? ;) … it sure caught mine. Makes you wonder what you are doing sitting in front of a screen, doesn’t it?

Do leave a comment telling me your favorite entries on that site. That would be interesting.

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Jamie Larson