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Hack Day India

I was at Yahoo! Open Hack Day at
on Friday and Saturday. 24 hours of hacking, meeting lots of old
friends, and sarcasm unlimited. It doesn’t get better than this.

  • 2007-10-05 Fri 02:30 PM
    • Arrived at Taj.
    • Registered myself, got the schwag
    • Met Raghu and discussed the presentation he’ll be making on Flex
    • Social networking, the offline kind
Hack Day India 01
Raghu and me checking out his Flex talk ppt
Hack Day India 03
  • 2007-10-05 Fri 03:30 PM
    • The presentations start.
    • Joe starts the ceremonies.
    • Chris starts the first talk on what Yahoo can do for you. Yahoo
      APIs, that is.
Hack Day India 06
Hack Day India 10
  • 2007-10-05 Fri 05:30 PM
    • On the fly, we three become a team
      : Pradeep,
      and myself.
    • Pradeep and myself know each other from Deep Root Linux
      projects, after college hours, in PESIT. Raghu and me are
      colleagues. Pradeep and Raghu met the first time today.
    • We start discussing ideas…
    • WiFi’s good
Hack Day India 11
Hack Day India 12
  • 2007-10-05 Fri 07:00 PM
    • Still discussing…
    • “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
      — Abraham Lincoln
    • Deciding on “Flick Off” – a way of deciding whether to watch the movie or not, a big mashup.
Hack Day India 13
Hack Day India 15
  • 2007-10-05 Fri 07:37 PM

  • 2007-10-05 Fri 08:48 PM

    • BeautifulSoup and IMDB…
    • Are we using anything Yahoo??
  • 2007-10-05 Fri 10:01 PM

    • Had dinner, met old friends like Supreeth and Shivashankari and
      also other Thoughtworkers, etc.
    • Someone was belittling ActionScript/Flash, told them about the
      Flash on C++

      and how the Adobean ported Quake 2 to Flash, it knocked his
      socks off.
Hack Day India 18
Hack Day India 19
Hack Day India 20
  • 2007-10-05 Fri 10:50 PM
    • Finally gotten somewhere with BeautifulSoup
Hack Day India 22
Hack Day India 23
Hack Day India 24
  • 2007-10-05 Fri 11:55 PM
    • La la la…
    • Having fun in the IRC
    • “Flick Off” -> “foff” ;-) -> “Foff it, man!” – our new lexicon

      • It’s a synonym for “let it go” or “oh forget it”.
Hack Day India 25
Hack Day India 26
Hack Day India 27
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 03:13 AM

    • Still awake.
    • Now fetching Yahoo Movies ratings, etc.
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 04:32 AM

    • We’re surprisingly all awake at least the 5 of us i.e. including
      Tejas and Shreyas
    • I’m done with all the scraping and conversion a.k.a. massaging
      of the data
    • We just need to pull it all together now.
    • Raghu is mostly done with the UI,
      looking good now, but he needs real data to try it all out.
Hack Day India 30
Hack Day India 31
Hack Day India 32
Hack Day India 33
  • Yep, that’s right, these photos are at 4.40 AM
Hack Day India 34
Hack Day India 35
Hack Day India 36
Hack Day India 37
Hack Day India 38
Hack Day India 39
Hack Day India 40
Hack Day India 42
Hack Day India 44
Hack Day India 47
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 05:19 AM

    • Waiting for PKG to pull it all together because me and Raghu are done…
    • He’s trying to get my code working in Django but apparently already it’s breaking!
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 09:33 AM

    • Had breakfast, lots of laughs.
    • For some strange reason, we seem to be the only ones laughing
      throughout, everybody else is so serious.
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 11:32 AM

    • Now re-architecting our whole design with 4 hours to go!
    • That’s right XML is split up, UI has to change, the whole works
    • Set up a subversion repo finally (yeah, Pradeep, we should’ve
      done this before…)
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 12:00 PM

    • Have to work on getting director data.
    • Things are falling into place
    • Raghu is doing some kick-ass UI and Pradeep is getting the
      website and interaction all working smoothly
    • Raghu is helping people on Flex, I’m helping people on
      BeautifulSoup, Pradeep is giving career advice to someone, etc.
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 02:16 PM

    • Got working – directors, actors, get_moviedata.
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 03:09 PM

    • Got videos, goofs, pictures working.
    • PKG and Raghu are getting the UI and Django integrated
    • We’re using Y! Movies data, IMDB data including profiles and
      ratings, YouTube, Y! Pipes, etc. Using Django and Python to run
      the app server and data munging respectively. And Flex for the
      frontend. The USP is Ely’s RandomWalk UI that we are using.
Hack Day India 48
Hack Day India 49
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 05:03 PM
    • We go downstairs and outside, and decide our presentation. We’re
      cutting down the material to talk so that we can present best in
      the limited 90 seconds.

      • Active vs passive voice, and all that.
    • We come back and see the hack time is officially over. People
      were so quiet, that’s when I loudly started counting
      13-12-11-… and the other 4 started shouting, and soon the
      whole crowd joined in, and when it was zero, Shreyas shouted
      Happy New Year at the end of it… Filo must have been amused.
    • Time to get out of the place, finalize our stuff, and come back
      at 6.30 for the demo presentations to start. Then the party
      after that. I’m shutting off my machine now…
Hack Day India 50
Hack Day India 52
Hack Day India 54
Hack Day India 57
Hack Day India 59
  • 2007-10-06 Sat 07:06 PM

    • We did the first presentation!
    • Although there wasn’t enough time for my part, we did well.
    • A couple of people told us outside that they were impressed by
      our hack. That’s good enough for us. Most of all, we three had
      fun hacking.
  • 2007-10-07 Sat 8:45 PM

Hack Day India 60
Hack Day India 62
Hack Day India 64
Hack Day India 68
Hack Day India 69
  • 2007-10-07 Sat 9:15 PM
    • ‘Thermal and a Quarter’, India’s most famous rock band, start
    • I’m not really into this music and definitely need some rest, so
      we just exited the building and headed home.

Mash up or Shut up!

— Yahoo! Hack Day motto