GCC and the ABI

From the Autopackage Developer Quickstart:

Important note to C++ developers
If your software uses Qt/kdelibs, or just rely on many (large) C++ libraries, then you must
be careful. This is because of C++ ABI (Application Binary Interface) issues: GCC 3.4 broke
C++ ABI (again), so software compiled with GCC 3.4 can mysteriously crash on GCC
3.2/3.3 systems, and vice versa. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that your software will
run on all (or even most) systems. At the time of writing, most distributions still use GCC
3.2, but GCC 3.4 distributions are coming and GCC 3.2 distributions are not going to
disappear any time soon.

Can we have ever have a write-once compile-once run-anywhere system on Linux/BSD?

I guess that’s a stupid question.


Autopackage 1.0 final to be (hopefully) released within a month. Yay!

Autopackage basically makes software installation on Linux easier. For more details, read the FAQ.

The Autopackage website is very well designed. I’m impressed.

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Jamie Larson