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Gaim for some Google Talk?

Somebody pointed to this in our intranet. From the Gaim website :

I (Sean) have been hired by Google, moved to Seattle, and have been working on the Google Talk team for about a month and a half. The goal of Google Talk is to make real-time communication as open as possible, and in that regard, I’ve been working to offer all of Google Talk’s features into other clients. Currently, I’m working on making it as easy as possible for other clients to use Google Talk’s voice features. You can expect Gaim and other clients to be interoperable with Google Talk’s voice features in the near future.
On a related note, the gaim-vv project—which aimed to offer a framework for voice and video support in Gaim—is being merged back into Gaim proper for hopeful incorporation into Gaim 2.0.0. This will be used to support Google Talk’s voice as well as MSN and Yahoo! webcams.

Wow! I was praying for something like this to happen.