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Do you want to Yahoo! ?

I have completed nearly one year and one month as a Yahoo i.e. including my internship. I even have a blog post on that on the day I joined.

It’s hard to remember that just one year ago I was just a college kid. Just one year ago, I used to be run to class every morning because I never managed to get up early. Just one year ago, I used to sleep in class and do techie stuff at night with a meagre dialup connection. Just one year ago, friends used to meet just like that and no planning was required (unlike today)…. I guess you know how the story goes :) … but one year in yahoo… what a rush!

When I first joined Yahoo! Bangalore, there were about 60-70 people, we had that nice startup feel going. Now, we have nearly 300 people. There are plans to increase the headcount to 500 by hiring 200 more people by end of next year! That’s right, that statement is straight from the horse’s mouth … err, the Y! Blr CEO’s mouth.

So, if you are interested to come and join the gang here (you would be crazy not to be interested), I will mention five simple requirements from you:

  • You have to have a passion for computing.
  • Go through the bangalore.yahoo.com portal to better understand what we’re really about.
  • You have to know at least one programming language really well.
  • Write a minimal search engine. If you can design, implement and run a simple search engine in 2 hours, then you’re ready for the Y! interviews ;) … think about this question, it is not as hard as it looks. Remember ‘minimal’ means fancy features are not required (but go ahead if you want to), what is required is just something that works well.
  • If you still think that you “have it in you”, send your resume alongwith a small paragraph explaining your skill set and the areas in which you are technically strong.

Update : One of the positions that is open right now is a MySQL-oriented developer position for the 360.yahoo.com :D