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Partly inspired by my gang’s craziness, and partly inspired by Shree, I bought a cycle a month ago, and I’ve been cycling to work on 2-3 days in a week ever since.

Mera cycle

Some observations :

  • People who drive in Bangalore have no respect for cyclists.
  • The assumption is that the only reason you’re on a cycle is because you can’t afford a bike.
  • Traffic is so dangerous for slow-movers like cyclists.
  • People find it funny to see a guy riding a cycle listening to his iPod while most people are in formals on bikes.
  • When most people my age are planning to buy a car, mom is wondering why I’m buying a cycle.
  • It takes 45 min to travel the 8 km on cycle, just 10-15 min more than my bike (mainly because of the traffic)
  • After I reach office, I feel energised and have noticed a positive effect in the concentration at work.
  • No traffic cop trouble. They never bother cyclists.
  • It’s dangerous to be on a cycle at night. It doesn’t have a headlight.
  • Never park your cycle just about anywhere, it’ll easily get stolen.
  • I save on petrol.
  • I feel like I save an hour everyday because I don’t need to exercise separately now.
  • Cycling is fun.
  • 8 km is turning out to be easy now. Shree, when do we do a long one?